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Jun 24, 2015


  • Brick it Down: Reorganizing my brick stash. 
  • Pre-Orders: Watermelon & Pickles -- all have shipped!
  • Custom Orders: Open June 25th - July 2nd.
  • Shop Update: 9am CDT on June 26th (Last one until August!)
    • Mini Skeins: Avengers & grab bags.
    • New drawstring project bag!
    • Yarn: Restocking of LOTS of colorways & several doppelgänger sets. Pickles, Watermelon, Fireflies, Garden Gnome, Gnomad, Ninja Cupcake, Gnomesome Dove, Mustache Manifesto, I Dream of Zombie, Unicorn Freckles, No Place Like Gnome, 221B Baker Street & more!