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Jun 21, 2016


  • Brick it Down: Review of new Fun in the Park set.
  • Updates on PRE-ORDERS & Gnomemade to Orders from last update.
  • Gnomemade to Order: Will be open June 23 (9am CDT) to June 25 (9am CDT).
  • Shop Update Preview:
    • PRE-ORDERS: Blueberries, Gnomicana (doppelgänger set) & Mint Chocolate Chip (doppelgänger set) will be restocked.
    • Mini Skeins: Grab Bags, Pick-a-Mini (restocked), Gnomicana Collection (in stock now) &  Eggs, Bacon & Toast (in stock now).
    • Yarn: No Place Like Gnome (skeins & doppelgänger sets), Bumblebee, Gnomesicle, Spugnomi, Mint Chocolate Chip, Gnomicana, Captain America, Nightwing, Skeinny Dunkers & Blankie Dunkers.
    • Shop update goes LIVE at 9am CDT on June 24.