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Sep 5, 2017


  • SHOP UPDATE goes live this Friday, September 8 @ 9am CST.
    • Fall Colorways: Bobbing for Apples, Stars Hollow, Kickin' Leaves, Grandma's Kitchen, Pumpkin Patch
    • Halloween Colorways: Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Candy Corn, Betelgeuse, Gnomes of the Corn, Mr. Franky, Mrs. Franky, Witches Brew, Monster Vittles
    • Delicious Beverages: Green Tea, Cappuccino, Aztec Mocha & The Best Hot Chocolate
    • Colorways: Blue Jeans, The Burrow
    • Doppelgänger Sets: Colors of Autumn (Limited quantities!)
    • Mini Skeins: Coffee Shop Collection, Colors of Autumn, Autumn Festival, Monster Mash, Grab Bags and 20 yd samples of Pluto, Uranus & Neptune have been restocked. 
    • Skeinny Dunkers: LOTS already in stock!