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Jan 30, 2018


  • SHOP UPDATEFriday, February 2 @ 9am CST
    • Available Feb 2 (9am CST) to Feb 4 (8pm CST) 
    • LAST CALL! Valentine/Galentine: Lovey Dovey, Wuv Twue Wuv, I Lurve Ewe, Do Ewe Lurve Me?, Zombie Kisses, Love Schmlove, Waffles, Mimosa, Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Doppelgänger Set)
    • St. Patrick's Day: Leprechaun Knickers, Lucky Ewe, Clovers
    • Easter: Little Bunny Foo Foo, Bad Bunny, Easter Grass, Chicks Ducks & Bunnies
    • Other: Punk Rock Fuzzy Cow
  • Mini Skeins: 
    • In-Stock NOW: Valentine/Galentine Collection, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Purpinkles, Fireside, Head in the Clouds, Oceanside, Yelloween, Neutral Party, Grab Bags, Bunny Butt's
    • Available Friday: 20 yd samples of Punk Rock Fuzzy Cow, Clovers (limited qty), Chicks Ducks & Bunnies (limited qty)
  • Gnomemade to Order:
    • Available Feb 1 (9am CST) to Feb 4 (8pm CST)
    • There is a chance they will close earlier depending on the volume of requests, so order early!
    • Quick link to the Colorway Catalog.