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Mar 1, 2016


  • T-shirt stash enhancement provided by
  • Update on pre-orders and custom orders: All have been shipped.
  • Update on first RANDOMINI club shipment: All have been shipped.
  • New Colorway: Gnome on the Range. Will be available to pre-order (some will ship immediately). There will also be ready to ship doppelgänger sets. 
  • Pre-Orders: Bad Bunny (skeins & doppelgänger set) & Little Bunny Foo Foo (skeins & doppelgänger set)
  • Shop Update Preview: Lots of restocking of popular colorways and a couple new doppelgänger sets. Samples of the new colorway (Gnome on the Range) and new yarn base (Cowgirl Boogie on Spiffy Gnome) will be available in 20 yd mini skeins for $2 each.