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Nov 19, 2014

Show Notes: 

  • This is the LAST update for 2014!
  • Brick it Down: Updates on LEGO Research Institute set. New Frozen set coming in 2015.
  • Update on Holiday Pre-Orders: All pre-orders from the last shop update should be out by 11/19. More pre-orders will be available in this update. Same situation as last time -- some orders will ship out immediately.
  • Custom Orders: Custom orders will open on 11/24 and close on 11/28. This is the last time custom orders will be open in 2014.
  • Mini Skeins: All holiday mini's that are made available in the next update will be the last batch for 2014. Lots of grab bags in this update.
  • Movember: The Ron Swanson Special will be available as a doppelgänger set and mini skeins. A portion of each set will be donated to the Movember Foundation.
  • Shop Update Preview: Lots of colorways, and popular doppelgänger sets, will be restocked in this update.
  • GNOMESTOCK Deals (No Coupon Code Required):
    • 50% OFF: Keyskeins, Rulers & Magnets
    • 25% OFF: Tote Bags
    • 20% OFF: Needle Gauges, WPI Gauge, Yarn Wrangler Mason Jar
    • 10% OFF: T-Shirts, Holiday Ornament, Bird Nesting Kits & Kit Refills