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Feb 5, 2014

Show Notes:

  • Using a different camera to record this week. Still working out the kinks and trying to find a better editing software solution. I apologize if there is any audio/video sync issues.  
  • Wizard World St. Louis just announced that Nathan Fillion is scheduled to make an appearance. The Browncoats of St. Louis have done gone and lost their sci-fi minds.
  • Brick it Down: New LEGO Ghostbusters set coming soon. Still in the process of selling some of my collection on eBay.
  • New Bulky yarn base called Puff Gnomey. Details about all of our yarn bases can be found on the Yarn & Fiber Info page in the shop.
  • There was a very slight increase in price in a handful of yarn bases. You can read more about it in the Ravelry group. (Must be logged in to Ravelry for the link to work.)
  • New colorways: 88 MPH and new pastel rainbow that has yet to be named. (New rainbow colorway has now been named thanks to Baby Gnome. It shall be called "Robots Like Rainbows".)
  • Shop Update Preview: Quite a few Doppelganger sock sets will be available. New Mardi Gras mini skein bundle. Lots of restocking and pre-orders for the two newest colorways will be available. Shop update is happening on Friday, February 7th at 9am CST. Next shop update will be February 28th.
  • New mini skein club details will be posted in a couple days.