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Mar 28, 2017


  • Mini Skeins: Gnomelandia (20 yd sample), Easter Grass (20 yd sample)Grab Bags (5, 10, 21)
  • Yarn Restocking: Bubbles, Mars, Chai Chai, Butter Cow, Nightwing, Aquaman, Bertie Bott's, Polyjuice Potion, Molly Weasley, The Burrow, Dragon Kiss
  • Dunkers: Skeinny Dunkers & Blankie Dunkers will both be available.
  • Garage SALE: Random assortment of items will be added to the shop in the coming days.
  • Gnomemade to Order: Opens 9am CST on Thursday, March 30.
  • SHOP UPDATE is this Friday, March 31 (9am CST)