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Nov 23, 2013

Show Notes: 

  • Brick it Down: Review of new Winter Wonderland set. New 2014 Mountain Hut and Parisian Restaurant sets.
  • There will be some specials on Black Friday -- info will be sent out in next week's newsletter.
  • The Many Seasons Mini Skein "Winter" Bundle raffle. All proceeds will go St. Jude's Children...

Nov 6, 2013

Show Notes: 

  • Brick it Down: Pleygo and The LEGO Movie.
  • Update on Holiday Yarn Pre-Orders.
  • Black Friday (Nov 29) shop update is happening at 12pm CST.
  • Shop Update: There will be 2 different holiday mini skein bundles available. Holiday yarn (full skeins) is being restocked. Also restocking Stars Hollow, Gnome on Fire,...