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Feb 27, 2014

Show Notes:

  • BIG announcement! I'm heading to STITCHES Midwest in August!
  • Brick it Down: Everything is AWESOME! A 2nd LEGO movie is in the works! 
  • Mini March Make-a-Long: Starts March 1st. All details will be posted in the Ravelry group.
  • Undyed fiber destash.
  • Shop Update Preview: 2 new buttons, 4 new mini skein bundles...

Feb 5, 2014

Show Notes:

  • Using a different camera to record this week. Still working out the kinks and trying to find a better editing software solution. I apologize if there is any audio/video sync issues.  
  • Wizard World St. Louis just announced that Nathan Fillion is scheduled to make an appearance. The Browncoats of St. Louis...