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Aug 27, 2014

Show Notes:

  • STITCHES Midwest Recap
  • Brick it Down: LEGO Research Institute...waaaannnttt.
  • Shop Update Preview: A very Halloween-y update this week! New Halloween colorways are being released, mini skein bundles & Doppelgänger Sets. Pre-orders for new Witches Brew Doppelgänger Set and new Blue Jeans colorway.

Aug 22, 2014

In just 3 weeks, nearly $42 million has been raised to fight this horrible disease. 

To learn more about ALS, and to donate, visit

To learn more about what started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, check out this video.

And, finally, to see the type of people you're helping with your donation, check out this...

Aug 2, 2014

Show Notes: 

  • STITCHES Midwest product preview. We'll be in booths 806 & 808.
  • Pre-orders for Rainbow Roundup Doppelgänger sets -- August 15th.
  • Next regular shop update is August 29th.