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May 17, 2012

Show Notes:
- Donate your unwanted yarn to the Hat-A-Day Challenge.
- Done something nice for someone lately? Enter to win an Avengers mini skein bundle.

July Knitalong
July Knitalong Pre-Order:

- Monday, May 21st at 9am & 9pm CST.
- Fingering sock & worsted weight will be available in either "Froggy Monkey" or "Knitabulls Franklin" colorways. Can use any pattern for the Knitalong, but it has to be in one of these two colorways.
- Yarn will begin shipping in early to mid-June.

Shop Update:
- More "Froggy Monkey" and "Knitabulls Franklin" SAL fibers will be available. All are made and ready to ship. First come, first serve.
- Bertie Bott's fiber and sock yarn back in stock.
- New colorway, Punky Gnomester.