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May 2, 2013

So much happened at C2E2 last weekend. You have to watch to get every juicy detail.

But, here's the one EPIC thing that happened.

I made a skein of yarn called "Codex" last Summer, in honor of a character that was created by Felicia Day for her web series, The Guild. I met her at C2E2, gave her the yarn, and told her how much I love all of the things she's doing. It was a total fangirl moment for me. I have such an incredible amount of admiration for her smart business sense and ability to juggle numerous projects with grace.

On Saturday afternoon, Felicia Day had a Q & A panel that I attended. In one of the answers she gives, she mentioned the Codex yarn I made for her! I was on cloud nine. You can check it out in this YouTube video at around 48:45.