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Feb 13, 2018


  • SHOP UPDATEFriday, February 16 @ 9am CST
  • NEWS: The shop got a makeover! We're still tweaking some things here and there, but it's LIVE and ready to be perused. Lots of "coding stuff" was done behind the scenes to make this version much more mobile/tablet friendly. Hope you all like it!
    • Available Feb 16 (9am CST) to Feb 18 (8pm CST) 
    • St. Patrick's Day: Clovers (NEW)Leprechaun Knickers, Lucky Ewe
    • Easter: Little Bunny Foo Foo, Bad Bunny, Easter Grass, Chicks Ducks & Bunnies (NEW)
  • Mini Skeins: 
    • In-Stock NOW: Oceanside, Purpinkles, Fireside, Yelloween, Head in the Clouds, Neutral Party, Grab Bags, Bunny Butt's, Valentine Colorway Samples, Punk Rock Fuzzy Cow Sample
    • Available Friday: Pot o' Gold (St. Patrick's Day Bundle), Bunny Chow (Easter Mini Bundle)
  • Gnomemade to Order:
    • Available Feb 15 (9am CST) to Feb 18 (8pm CST)
    • Quick link to the Colorway Catalog.
Addendum to this podcast...
This podcast was recorded before I was aware of any sexual misconduct lawsuit against Shaun White. I've always watched Shaun White for his participation in the sport of snowboarding. I take the subjects of sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault, very seriously. I don't want the take-away from this particular podcast to be that I am in any way in compliance with this type of behavior.