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Aug 9, 2016


  • Pre-Order/Gnomemade to Order Update: All of these orders from the last shop update shipped out last week.
  • Gnomemade to Order: Closed for August.
  • Shop Update Preview:
      • HALLOWEEN Colorways: Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Mr. Franky, Mrs. Franky, Betelgeuse, Candy Corn, Witches Brew, Monster Kerfuffle & Gnomes of the Corn
      • FALL Colorways: Pumpkin Patch, Kickin' Leaves, Stars Hollow & Grandma's Kitchen
    • Yarn: Ophie's Popsicles (Skeins & Doppelgänger Sets), Cantaloupe, We Got Corn!, Bertie Bott's, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!, Skeinny Dunkers & Blankie Dunkers
      (Bubbles, S'mores & Fireflies were added to the shop last week.)
    • Mini Skeins: Grab Bags in 5, 10 & 21
      (Halloween & Fall mini skein bundles will be available in late August.)