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Jan 7, 2015

Show Notes:

  • GnomeAcres is 5!
  • Brick it Down: What I've been building and what new sets are on their way.
  • New Birthday Candle Colorways: Available to purchase as a set of 5 (PRE-ORDER: House Gnome or Squishy Gnome), individual skeins (PRE-ORDER: You choose the base), or as a mini skein set (Sparkle Gnome, 20 yds each, ready to ship).
  • Valentine's Day Colorways & Mini's: Special Valentine's mini skein bundle (5 mini's, 20 yds each, various bases) and Chocolate Covered Strawberries (2 mini's, 30 yds each, heart button & valentine included).
  • TMNT Limited Edition Yarn Set: Available as PRE-ORDERS for full sets (House Gnome or Squishy Gnome) and mini skeins (House Gnome, 40 yds each). Both sets will ship in a pizza box.
  • Custom Orders: Will open on January 10th. They will remain open for a short time. The length of time will depend on the total amount of custom orders and pre-orders that are received.
  • Shop Update Preview: Single biggest update since STITCHES Midwest.
  • Please Note: There were many things that went wrong "behind the scenes" while I was trying to record this podcast. I apologize for the difference in lighting and such. It took 7 hours to get these 13 minutes.
  • Post-Production Additions:
    • The GA shop will be getting a new look soon. Eventually, the blog located at will be absorbed into the shop so there is one central location for all things GnomeAcres. This change will free up a great deal of time for me to create more.
    • The first Club announcement will be made on Friday, January, 23rd.
    • Born on Date: I've received a few inquiries regarding the Born on Date noted on yarn wraps, and the "freshness" of the yarn. Because I do not use preservatives, milk, sugar, or any other ingredient that will go bad if left in the back of the fridge for too long, yarn that is a couple months old is not any less perfect than yarn that was made a week ago. I go to great lengths to ensure that all yarn is stored in plastic containers and reside in a temperature controlled environment, AKA: my house. While I understand that the phrase "Born on Date" could be thought of as food-related term, in no way does that wording have a food-like effect on the overall condition of the yarn.