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Jan 5, 2016

Show Notes:

  • Brick it Down: Completed Detective's Office and Mountain Hut, and now waiting on a truck load from LEGO.
  • Go see Star Wars...right now!
  • Delay in Deliveries: There may still be some delay in shipped items, as many are still under water, or dealing with the aftermath of the recent flooding in the area.
  • New Item: "Handmade for You" gift tags sold in packs of 5 & 10.
  • Shop Update Preview: 
    • Colorways Restocked: Baby Gnome, Loki, Castiel, Ron Weasley, Roller Derby Diva, Bumblebee, Scarlet Witch, No Place Like Gnome, Fawkes the Phoenix, Joker, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Lone Ranger, Gimli, Hawkeye, The Burrow, Arthur Weasley, Butter Cow, Wonder Woman, Dobby, 88 MPH, Beast, Garden Gnome & many more! 
    • Mini Skeins: Valentine Colorways, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Grab Bags (5, 10 & 21) & Pick-a-Mini (already restocked)
    • Skeinny Dunkers & Blankie Dunkers
    • Available for PRE-ORDER:
      • Yarn: I Lurve Ewe, Do Ewe Lurve Me?, Zombie Kisses, Wuv Twue Wuv, Lovey Dovey (NEW), Lucky Ewe, Leprechaun Knickers (NEW), Mardi Gras, Little Bunny Foo Foo & Bad Bunny (NEW)
      • Doppelänger Sets: Do Ewe Lurve Me, Zombie Kisses, Chocolate Covered Strawberries