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Jun 11, 2014

Show Notes: 

  • Brick it Down: New Ghostbusters set available. New line of "Juniors" sets.
  • 2 new wooden buttons.
  • New Independence Day sock set.
  • Shop update preview.

Correction: The new round buttons are actually 1.5" wide, not 1.75".

May 28, 2014

Show Notes:

  • Gnome of the Lake PRE-ORDERS & Custom Orders: All have shipped since this episode was recorded yesterday.
  • Brick it Down: NEW LEGO Creator set - Bike Shop & Cafe (31026).
  • STITCHES Midwest promotional bag.
  • Invoices for the RAND-O-MINI Club de Mini Skeins will be sent out on June 7th, September 7th and...

May 7, 2014

Show Notes:

  • Update on RAND-O-MINI Club de Mini Skeins open slots.
  • Gnomicana PRE-ORDERS: All have shipped since this episode was recorded yesterday.
  • Brick it Down: There's a new LEGO carnival set being released in June.
  • The Lowdown: What's been going on at GA HQ, and what's to come.
  • Shop Update Preview: New...

Apr 23, 2014

Show Notes:

  • LEGO destash.
  • Knitting dragon print giveaway on Ravelry.
  • New yarn base, Sporty Gnome. 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon. 325 yds.
  • Shop Update Preview: Debut of new colorway, Gnomicana. Lots of colorways being restocked -- StrawberriesBertie Bott'sGinny WeasleyRoller Derby DivaLady...

Apr 9, 2014


Show Notes: 

  • Wizard World St. Louis recap.
  • Shop Update Preview: New Dodo Bird Doppelgänger set, restock of several colorways, Dodo Bird mini skein bundles & more.
  • There will be PRE-ORDERS available for the new Dodo Bird Doppelgänger set when stock sells out.