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Feb 9, 2016


  • Check out new yarn-related video game that came out today, Unravel.
  • Pre-Order Update: Pre-orders placed the weekend of January 29 will be shipping out on February 10 & 11. Some have already shipped.
  • Gnomemade to Order: Opens February 11 @ 9am CST.
  • RANDOMINI Mini Skein Club: Spots are still available!
  • Shop Update: February 12 @ 9am CST 
    • Pre-Orders: Lucky Ewe (skeins & doppelgänger set), Leprechaun Knickers (skeins), Little Bunny Foo Foo (skeins & doppelgänger set), Bad Bunny (skeins & doppelgänger set) & Gnomad Special Edition doppelgänger set
    • Mini Skeins: St. Patrick's Day, Easter & Grab Bags
    • Other Colorways: No Place Like Gnome (skeins & doppelgänger set), Cowgirl Boogie (skeins & doppelgänger set), Gotham Nights, Nightwing & Mint Chocolate Chip