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May 7, 2014

Show Notes:

  • Update on RAND-O-MINI Club de Mini Skeins open slots.
  • Gnomicana PRE-ORDERS: All have shipped since this episode was recorded yesterday.
  • Brick it Down: There's a new LEGO carnival set being released in June.
  • The Lowdown: What's been going on at GA HQ, and what's to come.
  • Shop Update Preview: New Orangesicle colorway. Lots of Doppelgänger sock sets. Restocking of numerous colorways: No Place Like Gnome, Gnome of the Lake, Gnomesicle, Spugnomi, Backwoods Gnome, Joker, Berry Gnomey, Butter Cow, Gnomicana, Decepticons, Ninja Cupcake, Punky Gnomester, Maleficent, Fruitarian & many others.