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Apr 21, 2015

GnomeAcres Podcast: Episode #73


  • Brick it Down: Check out LEGO Dimensions!
  • Update about the technical snafu's that occurred in the last shop update. (It had nothing to do with the bunny butts.)
  • Random Acts of Kindness MAL: Ending on April 30th.
  • Update on Avengers yarn/mini skein pre-orders and custom orders.
  • Update on the release of two new colorways with Jimmy Beans Wool & Loops.
  • Have you signed up for our newsletter, As the Gnome Turns?
  • Custom Orders: Reopening around 9am CDT on April 23rd.
  • Shop Update: 9am CDT on April 24th
    • Restocking of all 9 Avengers colorway pre-orders. Avengers mini skeins will be ready to ship asap.
    • Restocking of several colorways.
    • Restocking of mini skein grab bags.
    • New BFL yarn base (DK weight) is now available.